Live from Philips Press Conference at IFA

Live from Philips Press Conference at IFA

We are at the Philips press conference and it has started with… a Senseo coffee machine that can make latte macchiatos? Apparently, the new home appliances part of IFA is big. But there’s more, here comes their first TV, called Essence.

Essence is quite cool, designed to hang on walls.
Comes with a 4m cable and a self-leveling hanging thingie on the back.
2ms response time, 100 mHz. It’s made of brushed aluminum.
It also comes with a 2 x 15w sound bar, which can be detached for those people who want a home theater.

Now Philips guy is talking about Cinema One.
An all-in-one home theatre system the size of a soccer ball.
Comes with DVD, iPod dock, integrated speakers with surround sound.

They have a new LCD TV.
Heir of the Aurea.
Beautiful, very small frames
They are doing a show-and-tell video now.

Talking about their new backlighting tech
LUX backlit. LED-based.
An array of LEDs in the back with 128 segments
For a 2,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio.
The segments are controlled individually.
The black level, they claim, is better than plasma TV.
Ambilight is included, and brushed aluminum.

There’s also a new generation of Aureas.
But we don’t know yet about it coming to the US.
They are talking about how much people love Aurea.
Now they are talking about Active Crystals.
I don’t get this Active Crystal thing, but Miss IFA is going to be modelling them later…
So I’ll be there like shareware.

Now talking about Internet radio.
New Streamium system.
Compact stereo system, with 160GB hard drive.
Nice design.

New MP3 player looks like the unholy son of an iPod and a Zune.

New alarm clock, second generation of that alarm clock that wakes you up with light. Obviously, they haven’t been out drinking with me at night. No way I’m waking up with light.
It’s called the Wakeup Light.

And that’s a wrap.