Little Girl Substituted By Cuter Little Girl In Olympic Opening Ceremony

We can understand why the footprint fireworks were digitally faked into the live broadcast of the Olympic opening ceremony—because it would have been too dangerous to actually fly a helicopter through those projectiles—but allowing a cuter little girl to karaoke while the originally chosen little girl stood behind the scenes and sang? That's gotta make you feel sad for the slightly less good looking little girl.

On the other hand, we do have to commend whoever was in charge of that karaoke setup. It was pretty damn flawless, and we doubt anybody would have known about it if the show's musical designer hadn't said anything. There's also the question of why the little girl that was actually on stage was allowed to give interviews as if she actually sang it?

Mr Chen said she might not have known that the words she was singing could not be heard. She had, in fact, only known she was going to perform at all 15 minutes beforehand.

[Telegraph via Yahoo Sports]

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