Lisco USB Snake Combines Jewellery, USB Cable in One Wearable Device

Designer Laurent Hongisto has crafted the Lisco USB Snake as an attempt to solve that age-old (ok... decade-old) dilemma of never having a USB cable handy when you need one to charge/connect-up your device. So the design combines elements of those '90s "slap bracelets" with a USB A to mini-USB cable, wrapped up in colourful polyurethane and designed to be carried around on your wrist. Hmmm. Ok... so it looks kinda odd, and do you know anyone who'd want to wear this as jewellery, let alone anyone who's frequently that desperate for a USB cable? It doesn't have the geek-chic of the USB watch, and looks like it's aimed at the teen girl market. Sooo, this'll remain firmly in concept-land, methinks. [Yanko Design]


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