Lightning Review: Gama-Go's High Design Laptop Messenger Bags

The Gadget: Gama-Go's messenger bags, which are conveniently wide enough for a 15-inch laptop, its charger plus lots and lots of other gadget accessories. It's also got a nice water resistant outer material that makes it good for light showers.

The Price: US$68 for the small and US$88 for the large.

The Verdict: Is it enough to replace the Timbuk2 laptop messenger as our go-to bag of choice? Not quite, but at 2/3 the price, it's good enough for toting around your laptop, camera, mobile phone and other gear when your pockets just won't do.

There's no dedicated laptop compartment like the Timbuk2, and it has fewer internal pockets, but it functions just fine as a city bag or man purse. The bonus here is that Gama-Go has a more inspired and trendy design, whereas Timbuk2 has the classic three-stripe motif. (Timbuk2 does have artist-designed bags, but cost around US$150 each.) Gama-Go fans should give this one (the large one—the small doesn't fit a laptop) a look, but hardcore mobile workers will want to go for the higher priced and higher quality solution. [Gama-Go]

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