Lightning Review: Duracell's LED Daylite Flashlight

The Gadget: Duracell's new Daylite series of flashlights turn night into day using proprietary TrueBeam technology that they claim captures and projects up to 100 percent of the light—making for a brighter, whiter beam. It comes in three varieties: AA/AAA (80 lumens each) and CR123 (160 lumens).

The Price: AA/AAA (US$25) and CR123 (US$35)

The Verdict: For this review I am using the most powerful of the three new Duracell Daylite flashlights—the 160 lumens CR123 version. The bottom line is that this thing is blindingly bright and it gives off a clean white beam. Plus, it is small enough to fit in a pocket and it seems sturdy enough to take a beating.

Unfortunately, I did not have a comparable LED flashlight to compare against the Daylite, so I was forced to use an old school 2 D-Cell Maglite. Still, the images above should give you an idea of how powerful this little flashlight really is. To be honest, the only thing that I could find to complain about is the fact that the Daylite would be useless as a weapon. So, if you like a bulky flashlight that can double as a club, you should look elsewhere. Otherwise, the Daylite would be a good choice in its class.

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