Lenovo's Olympics-Themed Flash Drives Go From Cheesy To Luxurious

Lenovo got to design the Olympic torch for this year's Games, and to celebrate they released a bunch of different USB flash drives, each one with an Olympic theme. Over at EverythingUSB they've detailed all of them: perhaps the sleekest being the one that looks like the torch itself, and is made from the same material, which is why it costs US$142 for 4GB. The cheesiest have to be the Mascot and Medallion series: they're printed with a Fuwa image, and though the Medallions have sold out, the Mascots cost US$29. Top of the range are the swiveling titanium drives. They come in a set of five 1GB drives, and though the price is unclear it's likely to be big: the set comes in a mahogany box. [EverythingUSB]


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