Lenovo Webstore Mistake Makes X200's 128GB SSD Option Cheaper Than 80GB HD

Get your orders in now, because you won't see a 128 GB SSD going for these prices, well, anywhere for several years—yet alone inside the tasty 12.1" Thinkpad X200. Yes, you're seeing it correctly—that's subtract US$70 from the total, which comes to US$1,434 with the mistake. Also notice the 64 GB SSD going for a real-world US$830 premium. No word on how IBM will handle the mistake of course, but if you were planning on buying an X200 anyway, might as well give this a try and play dumb. UPDATE: Party's over, unfortunately. The 120GB SSD option has been yanked.

UPDATE 2: Someone who placed an order and called in to Lenovo has told us that Lenovo will be contacting everyone who went for the SSD and letting them know they won't be getting it, sadly. They will be offering their student discount rate though, which is nice. Thanks Alvin! [Lenovo]

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