Lenovo Unveils ThinkPad X301 With Centrino 2 and 128 GB SSD

Lenovo is following up on their solid X300 notebook with the Thinkpad X301, which will have the Centrino 2 chipset and the option for a 64 or 128 GB SSD. Set for official announcement next week, the notebook will support DisplayPort, Ultra-Wideband and models with integrated mobile broadband will have GPS navigation capability. The notebook will be available for order on August 26, and pricing starts at US$2600. No word on how expensive the SSD upgrade will be. [Lenovo]

Lenovo Expands Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Light ThinkPad X300 Notebook PC Family
Delivers Next-Generation Processing, Greater SSD Storage and Enhanced
Multimedia Experience

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC - August 18, 2008 - Lenovo today announced the
ThinkPad X301 notebook PC, taking the thinnest and lightest full-function
notebook in its class1, to new heights in performance. Like its predecessor,
the industry-acclaimed ThinkPad X300 notebook, the ThinkPad X301 notebook
offers cutting-edge features and technologies in a thin and light form
starting at less than three pounds and one-inch thin. The notebook offers
even greater storage capacity with choices of either 64 GB or new 128 GB
solid state drive storage available in September. The ThinkPad X301 notebook
provides on average nearly 20 percent better performance over the ThinkPad
X300 notebook due to the latest DDR3 memory and the latest Intel(R) Core 2 Duo
ultra low volt processor2.

"Lenovo continues to push the technology envelope by giving road warriors
the latest enhancements in solid state drive storage and digital display
technologies with the new ThinkPad X301 notebook PC," said Sam Dusi, vice
president, worldwide notebook product marketing, Lenovo. "This announcement
extends our commitment to blending ultraportability and functionality, and
equipping today's business users with the most advanced, highest-performing
computing tools."

New support for DisplayPort makes viewing high definition content easy and
ideal for models with the ultra-thin DVD burner. With support for both
DisplayPort and VGA, users can even watch high definition content on
multiple displays. Designed for maximum options for wireless connectivity,
the ThinkPad X301 notebook offers models with high-speed mobile broadband3
and WiFi3 to connect wirelessly to the Internet, and also with Bluetooth and
Ultra-Wideband technology to connect wirelessly to other devices. Lenovo
offers improved uplink performance by up to 250 percent for models with AT&T
mobile broadband over previous ThinkPad notebooks with AT&T mobile
broadband4. Models supporting WiMAX will be available later this year.
Additionally, GPS on notebook models with high speed mobile broadband5 allow
travelers to more easily navigate to the office or airport.

The notebook also includes Lenovo's ThinkVantage Technologies, unique
hardware-software tools designed to maximize user productivity. With
Lenovo's improved Access Connections tool, users can navigate a
user-friendly interface to easily find and access Internet and network
connections. Also, Lenovo's improved Power Manager gives users more control
over notebook functions to enable longer battery life.

The ThinkPad X301 notebook also continues Lenovo's focus on
environmentally-responsible design. Its 13.3-inch LED backlit display, solid
state drive storage and other energy-efficient technologies help make it
rated Gold by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. This
designation adds to Lenovo's portfolio of Gold-rated ThinkPad notebook and
ThinkCentre desktop PCs.

Pricing and Availability6
Pricing for models of the ThinkPad X301 notebook starts at approximately
$2,599. The notebook will be available on August 26 through Lenovo Business
Partners and www.lenovo.com.

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