LapStrap Finds Most Obnoxious Way Possible to be TSA-Friendly

While the TSA has started working with laptop bag manufacturers to create cases that can hold computers through X-ray machines, the requirements are quite strict and require some real innovation to meet. One company gave up on it all and released the LapStrap (sadly, without any hint of social critique). So what is the LapStrap? Not much.

It's a strap.

"Of course it's a strap, I already knew that!!" you are mentally shouting at me. "But doesn't it hook to the laptop in some special way or something??"

In one word, no.

It's a strap that you stick in the monitor pit of your laptop, hooked to the computer by the closed sandwich technique alone. So when gravity is in your favour, all is well. If you lift up your computer the wrong way...we'd predict a disaster.

But if you really hate those TSA guidelines, it's US$25. [LapStrap]

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