Klaatu Varata Studios Produces Steampunk Creations With Back Stories

For those of you who enjoy steampunk, story telling and handmade creations, I present to you Klaatu Varata Studios, the workshop of Arkansas artist Dillon Chandler. Check out his Solarian Ray Gun or the Geldar Light Infantry Robot, both of which come with the back story of the Kelevion Universe and the civil war which has torn it apart. If sci-fi musings aren't your style, take a look at his Steampunk Scorpion, made from motorcycle engine parts. Several of Chandler's works are available for sale on his Etsy page, and range from US$10 for two toy-sized bombs to US$2,200 for a nine-foot-tall metal bear. Some of my favourites are below: [Klaatu Varata via Tomopop]

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