Kite Surfer Goes Out During Tropical Storm, Learns Valuable Lesson About the Power of Nature

Kite surfing is a fun sport that involves using a large kite and a surfboard to get a lot of speed up on the water. It's like wakeboarding without a boat. Naturally, you need a decent amount of wind for it to work properly. There's a limit to how much wind you should use, however, as a dimwitted kite surfer discovered when he tried to unleash his kite during a tropical storm in Fort Lauderdale and ended up getting flung across the beach and into the side of a building right in front of local news cameras.

26-year-old Kevin Kearney was strapped into his kite when a huge gust of wind came in and swept him away. A local TV crew was on the scene shooting weather footage and caught the entire disaster on tape. He's currently in the hospital in critical condition. Let this be a lesson to you all: don't be dumb. [CBS 4]

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