Kitchen Oil Fires Have Pretty, Weird Solution: Flower Fire Exinguishers

Fire extinguishers are damn handy, but hard to get excited about—unless they're cool flying ones—but these flower extinguishers from Japan should be weird enough to pique your interest. They're magnetic, so you just whack them on a convenient surface, like the front of your fridge. And if you're unlucky enough to get an oil fire on your cooking range, then you simply grab the flowers and fling them into the fire. You're probably thinking "Fighting fire with flowers? WTF?" right now. The flowers work by melting to create a film over the surface of the burning oil, cutting off its air supply and extinguishing the fire. See the video of them in action if you don't believe it.

Neat hey? If not a little bizarre. They come in yellow or pink, disguised to look like silk flowers, last 2 years before you have to replace them (assuming you don't set fire to your kitchen in that interval) and are available for US$39 for two. [Kilian-Nakamura via Random Good Stuff]

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