Jet-Engine-Alike Fire Sculpture Will Please Your Inner Pyromaniac

Flames, thunderous noise, drama and the threat of explosive, combustive doom: That's why this sculpture by Dave Umlas will please your inner fire-starter. Made from stainless steel, propane gas-air jets and what seems to be a turbine-like system somewhere in its construction, it exists merely to thrill you with flames. If the still photos of the sculpture aren't enough for you, check out the video. It's freakin' firey.

Awesome. I'm not sure I'd stand as close as the guys in the vid clip did: In action, and from close by, it must be like standing directly behind a Vulcan bomber as it lights up its engines and takes off*. Only less safe. [Lost Arts Collective via Makezine via Neatorama]

*This is the single loudest, most impressive and chilling sound I've ever heard. If you're unfamiliar with the Vulcan's roar, check this out.

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