iPrimus Launches Capped Priced Mobile Broadband

iPrimus Launches Capped Priced Mobile Broadband

iprimus.gifThe biggest fear for any mobile road warrior out there using a wireless internet connection from one of the Telcos is that if you exceed your data quota for a month, your next bill will probably come packaged with a taser so you can shock yourself out of the wallet-sickening stupor.

The good news is that iPrimus yesterday broke trend with the rest of the mobile broadband providing networks by offering services that shape your data speeds rather than charge you excess, something ADSL has been offering for years. There are several plans – 6GB for $39.95 over 24 months with a free modem, plus a 12GB option for $79.95. Or you could opt for 1GB for $29.95. If you go over that quota, you’ll be throttled back to 64Kbps speeds (from the usual 3G/HSDPA speeds, which vary between 200Kbps to 3.6Mbps).

The service will run on the back of Optus’s network, but only on the 2100MHz spectrum used in the main cities, not the 900MHz spectrum Optus is currently rolling out across the country.

While it’s still not enough to make you replace your home broadband connection, it’s good to see wireless finally being treated as a potential replacement to the need to be tethered to your phone line or cable.

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