iPhone Ad Pulled in UK Because It's 'Not Quite True'

While Apple's been playing their trademark guy-with-the-finger iPhone commercials overseas, one has contained the simple slogan "all the parts of the internet are on the iPhone." It's kinda cute. And it's very Apple. But the UK's Advertising Standards Authority has also decided that it's very untrue and banned the commercial from airing in its current state.

The ASA's argument is that "all the parts of the internet" would surely include Flash and Java webpages, both of which are not viewable in their native state through the iPhone's mobile Safari. From the ASA:

Because the iPhone doesn't support Flash or Java, you couldn't really see the internet in its full glory...[Apple]made a very general claim that you can see the internet in its entirety, and actually that's not quite true - so we've upheld.

Apple, on the other hand, argued that they were referring to webpage availability, not appearance.

We can definitely see where the ASA is coming from, but there's a lot more of the internet than can be reached on a web browser anyway... [BBC]

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