iPhone 3G Gets Hot and Melty, Cooks Dude's Leg

While the iPhone 3G definitely feels warmer than the original, it shouldn't get hot enough to cook human flesh. Or melt. But a MacRumors forum member says he fell asleep with his iPhone 3G in his pocket and woke up when he felt a burning sensation in his pants (not the good kind either). He says he pulled out the phone, which was incredibly hot. Like, plastic-meltingly hot. Check out the damage to the dock connector (and his leg), where you can really see the bubbly, heat-warped plastic:

He says that he had 3G disabled, no push, and the screen set to lock after a minute—so the phone shouldn't have been active. It's definitely an anomaly we haven't heard of before, if this report is legit. Has anyone else noticed their phone getting uncomfortably warm? [Mac Rumors via Gearlog - Thanks Robert!]

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