Intel Spills More Beans on Nehalem Microarchitecture at IDF

At the Intel Developers Forum Intel itself is turning the spotlight on the upcoming Nehalem chip microarchitecture. The chips will have integrated memory controllers built directly into the processor, as we mentioned before, which will allow three-times faster memory read-write speeds than previous generations.

The chips also feature a "turbo mode" design that dynamically switches multi-cores into a "higher gear" for better performance without generating extra heat, and also allows throttling-down of unused cores to reduce power consumption when processing demands are lower. From 2009 every Intel processor will be using the Nehalem architecture, with server products being the first Nehalem chips, followed by "Havendale" and "Lynnfield" desktop chips and then "Auburndale" and "Clarksfield" mobile versions later. [Reuters, Intel and NZHerald]

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