Immersion and Microsoft Settle It Once and For All

For those keeping up with Immersion's many legal battles over their patented rumble technology being used in console controllers, the company has finally settled with Microsoft...again. You see, Microsoft used Immersion's rumble in their 360 controllers without paying. Immersion sued, and Microsoft paid up. But then Sony used the rumble tech as well to make the Dual Shock 3, which activated a contingency that Microsoft negotiated earlier forcing Immersion to pay them if other companies licensed the tech. But Immersion wouldn't pay. (Now they did.)

Immersion forked over US$20.75 million to Microsoft to settle the suit and become part of the Microsoft Certified Partner Program. Other terms of the deal were not disclosed, but there's a good chance that money is flowing in both directions.

So not that it matters to your next Halo 3 deathmatch, but Immersion and Microsoft have...once again...settled their legal battle. Hooray! [Kotaku]

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