iControlPad Game Accessory for iPhone Has Shoulder Buttons

A Giz reader sent us these images of the final prototype of the iControlPad, the iPhone accessory that will allow you to play games like Mario Bros., arcade games and Quake as they should be played, with a real directional pad and buttons. The final product will be all shiny, and as you can see in the feature list, it will include right and left shoulder buttons:

Digital directional pad, 4 Face buttons, 2 shoulder buttons and start and select buttons.
Male connection and female plug though connection (new feature), this means you can still charge, transfer files and use any connection accessories while the iPhone is in the iControlPad.

Internal Flash chip (New feature), this gives protection from future firmware updates, it means we can reprogram how the iControlPad works, making it as future proof as possible.

Access to all iPhone ports, buttons and the camera while in the iControlPad.

Easy to put the phone in and remove it at any time (only one moving part).

Full year guarantee, we will replace any faulty units.

We will release software for the iControlPad every few days over the
coming 4 weeks. Inc Quake, MAME, Emulators etc.

It looks like it can make the iPhone become a retro-game equivalent to the PSP. [iControlPad]

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