HTC Dream's Dimensions Leaked by FCC, Misses Out All-Important Thickness

HTC's Dream phone, with Android goodness, hit the FCC last week, and details have been popping up elsewhere too: But a new pic over at FCC has given us a concrete bit of data at last... the Dream's size. It's a svelte 55mm, or 2.17-inches wide, and 115mm or 4.53-inches long. That's a jot shorter than the iPhone 3G's length (though it's 7mm narrower,) and only slightly bigger than the HTC Touch Diamond at 10.2 x 5.1cm. Do you spot what's missing? The all-important depth of the phone—it's not shown on the FCC imagery. The slide-out QWERTY keypad will play a part in that, but we don't know as yet exactly how slim or pocket-stretching it's going to be. [FCC]

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