How to Transplant a Sony Reader Display Into a Dying Kindle

The mad scientist behind this hack was faced with a problem. His beloved Amazon Kindle had a shattered screen and was all but dead. Distraught, he thought to himself: "what if I could sacrifice a Sony reader and perform and unholy cross species screen transplant? Yeah, it just might work because the e-ink screens on both devices are nearly identical."

Sure, destroying a US$300 device to save a US$360 device is pretty ridiculous, but there must have been a Frankenstein type of allure to this hack that was too good to ignore. There are instructions on how to do this yourself, but I don't suggest trying it. Like the original Frankenstein, there are some serious bugs resulting from the operation. I guess the moral of this story is that it is best not to play gizmo god...and to check on the internets for parts before you blow US$300. [Instructables]

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