How the Name 'Wii' Saved This Dude's Social Life

When the Wii console first came out, everyone and their mother commented on how stupid the name was. It still is to be perfectly honest, but after a couple of years we have grown more accustomed to hearing it. But imagine what it would be like if your legal name was Wii? Believe it or not, a guy named Wii Yatani has had the now famous moniker since birth, and he claims that Nintendo's console has changed his life for the better.

"When I was growing up, I had a pretty difficult time," he said. "I just found when I was introducing myself to people, it was a little awkward."

No kidding.

He isn't the first guy with the name though. An MTV Multiplayer article points out that there were several uses of the name in the past. However, as far as anyone can tell, he is the only person mentioned in the English-language media with the name. Not surprisingly, when the console first came out, all of his friends got back in touch with their inner Jr. High School student and began opening up old scars with "wee-wee" jokes and the classic "Oh, Wii, are you going to go home to play with yourself?" Hahaha...ahem. It's a serious problem.

Despite these setbacks, Wii Yatani has grown comfortable with his unique name and its association with the popular Nintendo console. He claims that it has helped people say and spell his name correctly for the first time, not to mention the fact that is has resulted in a fair amount of notoriety. Wii's friends have even suggested that hey try and score some deal with Nintendo as a spokesman. While I doubt that Nintendo is looking for some sort of video game version of Jared to hock their products, he is still getting his 15 minutes for doing nothing—which is admirable. But here is the really amusing part—he didn't buy a Wii until 2 months ago and he still hasn't played it yet. Two months? What the hell man? [MTV]

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