Hack Your Way Into YouTube's Olympics Channel

beijing2008.jpgI don't know if you guys have checked, but after the US team reviewed the NBC Olympics web player, I headed over to Yahoo!7 to see what was on offer locally. There's good news for people who just can't get enough of Mel and Kochy and the rest of the Channel 7 Olympic News Team, but bad news for anyone hoping for an immersive online video experience. Sure there's video there, but sorting through what you want isn't exactly what I'd describe as fun.

But now there's a bit of hope for some diversity, with Valleywag detailing how you can hack your way into YouTube's Olympic channel. As we discovered last week, the channel is geo-locked, but with this little hack, anyone can start watching.

Hit the link for the full instructions and fill the comments with comparisons between the YouTube effort and Yahoo!7's attempts. Which is better?


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