Guest Review: Millennium Falcon Legacy Edition by Heroes Producer Jesse Alexander

The only thing cooler than a review of the new Millennium Falcon toy? A review of the Millennium Falcon toy by geek storyteller Jesse Alexander, who has worked on Giz favourites like Heroes, Alias and Lost. P.S. I think that's an Emmy on his desk. More of Jesse's impressions, below:

"The new Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon from Hasbro is the greatest Star Wars toy ever made. No joke. Beats Amidala's Royal Starship. Beats the AT-AT. And even the Imperial Troop Transporter. This Falcon is the "hunk of junk" we've been waiting for since May '77.

First thing you'll notice when you crack the cardboard is her size. Some 30 percent larger than the original from back in the day. You know—the one your Mum tossed in the garbage while you were in college rolling D20's and learning BASIC. So prepare to upgrade your playroom/display case shelves to docking bay 94 size.

This Falcon has plenty of interior room for parties. And doesn't lack for little nubs to slot your figures atop. Or chairs where they can take a seat. The chairs are particularly cool. Remember those babies? From the scene where Luke trains with the saber and Han flips him attitude? The ones that George Lucas copied for his custom Lear Jet back in the '80s. You knew that, right? That he took a large portion of his Star Wars gold and used it to have the interior of his private plane modified to resemble the interior of the Falcon! (Not true, of course. But still—my favourite old school SW rumour!)

This Falcon's paint job is slick. And so detailed I'm guessing it must've been done by next-gen droids, or Jawa slave children with very small hands. All the tech in this Falcon is state of the art. She's got sound effects up the gundark. Triggered via multiple buttons strategically placed around her sturdy Corellian hull. The orange light at the rear of the cockpit is cool. As is the sweet blue band of engine light that accompanies the jump to hyperspace. But my fave feature has to be the twin LED's that illuminate when the boarding ramp slowly lowers at the touch of a button. Perfect for lighting up the squishy floor of any odd looking asteroid cave.

One can only hope this magnificent spice smuggler heralds an approaching renaissance from the boffins at Hasbro. The build quality, attention to detail, and sheer number of features on the Legacy Collection Falcon will raise the expectations of Star Wars Fans the republic over. Owning your own freighter ain't cheap. You may need to sell your mint in-box landspeeder from '77 to cover the cost. But she's worth it. See you on the Kessel run! I think 11 parsecs is doable! "

Jesse Alexander also blogs at Global Couch.

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