Google StreetView Sees Man Passed Out Drunk On Mother's Lawn

Not content to just capture houses burning and other embarrassing shenanigans in the US, Google StreetView has gone overseas and done the same to a drunk man passed out in his own lawn. Now that man is pissed—not in his pants, but at Google—for the invasion of privacy.

AU: And now, after my rant yesterday, we have MILLIONS of people who know the story of "Bill". Seriously, if you thought that a few people seeing your photo was bad, now there's millions who have seen it and know your story. I know which option I'd prefer...

The story goes that "Bill" just came back from a drink, in the middle of the day no less, in order to get over the fact that his best friend was killed in a boating accident. After being dropped off by a taxi at his mother's house, he passed out on the lawn (and kinda on the curb), ripe for Google's StreetView car. The image has since been blotted out from Google Maps, but This Is London got a screenshot before. Sorry "Bill", or should I say, Luke from Kotaku! [Daily Mail]

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