GoateeSaver Ensures Your Goatee Looks as Good as a Goatee is Ever Going to Look, Which is to Say Not That Good

Ah, goatees. The preferred facial hair of nerds, fat guys, bikers and Mark Wilson. If you're looking to make sure your goatee is as neat and even as possible, you're going to need a little assistance. Say hello to the GoateeSaver.

The GoateeSaver is a little contraption you use by putting part of it in your mouth and biting down. This leaves the bulk of it on your face, making you look like you're wearing a robotic respirator of some sort. This chunk covers up your goatee, allowing you to shave around it and achieve the perfect shape every time.

It seems effective enough, although it clearly wouldn't work with more adventurous goatee shapes. What if you want to make it pencil-thin? You know, for the ladies? And what if you want to let your goatee go down your neck under your chin? Well, in that case you'll need to just rely on your steady hand. [Product Page via Las Vegas Sun via Dvice]

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