Gadget Or the Girl Reality Show Makes You Choose Between iPod or iPoon

A new show on Playboy TV asks the question that is on all our minds day in and day out: what would you choose, a girl or a gadget? Their Gadget or the Girl reality "program" will force contestants to choose between a weekend vacation with a girl of their choice—as in one of the contestant's providing, we assume, and not just them naming Evangeline Lilly and doing the biggest fist pump in the history of man—or a random high gadget. What kind of gadget? Crave says it's going to vary between things like a 60-inch HDTV to an upright arcade box, but they won't know what it is until they made their decision. So tough! If only I could have Evangeline Lilly as a sounding board for this decision. [CNET]

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