Furby Gurdy Circuit Bent Instrument Brings Our Nightmares to Life

The hurdy gurdy is one of, if not the coolest old-timey instruments. Great sound, beautiful craftsmanship, not a lot of talent required to get a basic sound out of it, and so on. But David Cranmer's Furby Gurdy turns all of that on its head, replacing the dulcet hurdy tones with the synchronised moans of four brutally scalped Furbies wailing in unison. The rig can also be used as a sequencer using an appropriately anachronistic screw and rotating cam mechanism. The whole spectacle gets shown off on video, if you dare.

Cranmer's quite a prolific circuit bender. His other creations including version one of the Furby Gurdy, each with complete photo documentation and thankfully, not all as nighmarish, can be found on his site. [Nervous Squirrel via Neatorama]

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