Full-Size Cardboard Aston Martin for Papier-Mâché Bonds

This Ashton Martin DB5 is a full-sized, almost-perfect reproduction of the original Bond car—down to the front-blinkers machine guns and Ben-Hurish wheels' blades—built using only cardboard and glue. It has no supporting structure, neither metal nor wood. Her Majesty's cardboard spy car was built by Chris Gilmour, who has a tendency to convert everything in 1:1 scale cardboard models, from bikes to giant strong boxes to dragsters to dentist chairs, grand pianos, and portable typewriters:

Gilmour has imposed a strict logic on his works he makes objects using only cardboard and glue. There is no supporting structure, no wooden or metal frame. His interpretations of everyday objects are created in adherence to the use of a pure and single material, but instead of the marble or bronze of classical statues, he has chosen one of the most humble and commonly found of our industrial times.

It's true: the detail and fidelity are amazing. Too bad cardboard is not rain proof, like marbel and bronze. On the positive side, knowing that Bond is a noted Dry Martini addict who crashes every single vehicle he gets his hands on, giving him a cardboard car to fight against a cardboard SPECTRE is not a bad thing at all.

[Chris Gilmour via Jalopnik]

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