FujiFilm Finepix Z200fd Glam Cam, Friends Become Lovers, Lovers Become Conjoined Twins

The FujiFilm Finepix Z200fd Glam Cam is yet another digital camera on top of the massive mountain of sleek point and shoots. Yeah, it's really thin and will capture shots at up to 10MP with a 5x zoom lens. But it stands out for an odd reason—it's got a fantastic—and creepy—timer system.

The Couple Timer Mode combines a timer and facial recognition to make sure that the awkward cuddling couple trying to take a picture of themselves shot comes out correctly. But it doesn't just wait for two faces to show in the frame before taking a shot; it's programmable to just how close you want the two heads to be before the shutter snaps.

Confusing? Let's flesh this one out a bit. You are on a beach with one of those really hot girls who only thinks of you as a friend even when really, really drunk. Set the camera for ultra-close-head-picture-mode, or whatever, and she will be forced to press cheeks with you and inhale your trademark musk of Doritos and salicylic acid for the first time.

And if she can resist that, my friend, then she has no clue what intimacy is.

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