Fuel Checker Gizmo Warns if You're About to Screw Up Your Engine

Pumping gas into a diesel engine, or vice versa, is a big no-no that may well screw up your engine. We all know that, don't we? But for those, uh, "fuel-type challenged" people out there that get it wrong, there's this new Fuel Checker gizmo. You install it inside your filler flap, and touch the pump nozzle to it before filling up: it'll check the type and flash green for go, and red for no. No idea how it works, but it comes in gasoline or diesel versions. Or you could, you know... read the label on the pump and double check the colour of the nozzle you're holding, and save yourself US$40.

AU: Seriously? I drive a diesel, and I've never ever ever come close to putting unleaded in the tank. Is this a common occurrence?

[Red Ferret]

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