FCC Comcast Ruling Could Echo To Mobile Phone Providers, Create Cheaper Data Options

The Net Neutrality battles have created and unexpected but welcome side effect. In it's ruling against Comcast last week, the FCC said in a round about way that unless a you are abusing your Internet connection then the carriers have no right to tell you how you can use it. This could conceivably also be applicable to mobile phone plans, and it could mean cheaper data plans for you.

Carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile offer inexpensive but limited use data plans for handsets that hackers have had fun turning into full access plans, essentially saving you money. The carriers have responded by charging huge fees to those who are found to use the hacks.

If the Comcast ruling was applied to the mobile phone market, which it could be, then your carrier couldn't stop you from using your data connection any way you want to, and these fees would be illegal. Of course someone will have to bring a case to court for the ruling to be tested, but it's possible that in the very near future we'll be using unlimited 3G wireless connections for far less that we do now. [Phone News]

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