Epic Treehouse Comes With Electricity, Cable and a Fire Horn Intruder Alarm

Forget about that treehouse bedroom I wrote about yesterday, the new mark to beat comes from superdad Steve Norris who spent 15 months building his kids a treehouse so epic it became newsworthy in Canada. Suspended in a tree 4 metres up, the fort features electricity, cable TV, an intercom system, a makeshift urinal, smoke detectors and a trap door warning signal wired to the main house. He even set up an intruder alarm using old fire horns that sounds like an air raid siren when it goes off.

If that wasn't enough, Norris actually went all eco-friendly with his project by avoiding nailing directly into the maple tree and leaving space around the trunk for growth and shifting. He figures the whole thing cost him around $5000 CAD to build (he insured it for $20,000), and it would have cost a lot more had he not rummaged through scraps tossed out by the nearby University of Waterloo. It almost makes you wish you could be 7 again so you could find these kids and befriend them. [The Record via Fark]

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