Embedded Spinning Globe Doesn’t Make a Watch Worth US$550,000

Embedded Spinning Globe Doesn’t Make a Watch Worth US$550,000

I’m no watch expert, but I’m pretty sure there’s no amount of doodaddery in the world that would make a watch worth over half a million dollars. But hey, that didn’t stop the Hysek Colosso from trying!

The stand-out feature is the “crystal pustule filled with a dimensional earth rotating for local or GMT time,” which seems like the kind of gimmick that you’d find on a children’s watch, not on one of the most expensive watches in the world. What else do you get for your US$550,000?


* Hours, quarter and minute repeater, cathedral timbre, 62 jewels


* Big date at 12 o’clock, indication of the cities of the 24 time zones linked to the GMT

* Retrograde time zones with a linear double display situated at the lower and displayed in curvex position with indication arrows that indicate which side to observe (24 to 12 hours / 12 to 24 hours).

* Transmission feedback, biplan, for time zone indications, made by 2 dials.

* Power Reserve: 48h

* Frequency: 18’000 vibrations / hour


* 3 dimensions globe of 12mm diameter at 12 o’clock, considered as a visual GMT display turns on itself in 24 hours and can be set on local or on GMT time.

No thanks! [Product Page via Watchismo Times]