Drivable Star Wars Landspeeder Will Not Take You To Mos Eisley, Still Kicks Arse

This Star Wars Landspeeder is a full-sized, drivable, jedi-approved replica built by former LucasFilm employee Daniel Deutsch, who designed his version from the ground up. Neatorama dug up this 1:1 scale speeder, which has a custom aluminium chassis, fibreglass body, and an electric drive system that hits lightspeed at 40 kph.

The art detail is also pretty amazing (and reeks of authenticity), with body work and fake damage consistent with the landspeeder in the film. And it shouldn't be huge shock that Deutsch has no intention of selling his magnum opus. But when I see this thing, I have delusions of rounding up Han, Obi-Wan, Lando and a whole lotta Colt 45, cruising past the Cantina, and looking for chicks with tentacles on their heads. Hmmm...that sounded a lot cooler in my head. [Skywalker Landspeeder via Neatorama]

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