DLO's Homedock Pro Adds 1080i HD Output to Your iPod

It was way back in February when we first alerted you to DLO's upcoming Homedock, but now there's more info available. The Homedock HD Pro is an upscaler dock that can add 1080i or 720p output to your iPod through an HDMI cable to your TV, and it's going to be demoed at the upcoming CEDIA Expo show. It's got "industry standard connectivity" over RS-232 and I.P., with digital optical audio and an IR receiver so you can bolt it into your media setup and control it with universal IR remotes. Better still the dock has an "enhanced on-TV interface" which "features album art in an icon-based format," which makes it sound like a mini AppleTV. There's no pricing info as yet. [CEPro]

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