DIY XR3 225 MPG Hybrid Car Kit Finally Finished, Hits the Road Soon for US$25,000

When we last left gearhead Robert Q. Riley and his three-wheeled DIY 225 MPG XR3 car kit in March 2007, rumour had it drivers would be zipping around roadways in it by May. Turns out the DIY hybrid market is tougher than expected, because just this week word was the XR3 was finally finished and "coming soon"—again. And while the video of the completed car in action made me think of Centauri from The Last Starfighter for some reason, this futuristic looking kit actually uses readily available 21rst century innards to get from A to B. We hope "soon" this year doesn't mean "in one year" like it did in 2007.

[Robert Q. Riley Enterprises via MAKE]

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