DIY Terminator Sunglasses Say I'll Be Back—With a Burned Retina

Here I was, moments from having red LEDs surgically implanted into my retinas, when this DIY Terminator sunglasses hack comes along and rescues me from a lifetime of pain, blindness—and utter coolness. GEARFUSE soldering meastro Vince Veneziani said he did this in about five minutes, but newbies might want to take their time and save themselves a melted eyeball or two.

The materials list is pretty straightforward, and the only real issue will be finding a badass pair of sunglasses at your local drug store.

  • Two red LEDs
  • Two 100 Ohm resistors
  • Solder and soldering iron
  • A watch battery - I used a 3.3V one I had lying around
  • Solid hookup wire (two colors), about a six inches worth

The soldering is optional but recommended. Driving, however, is not recommended while wearing, black leather jacket or not. Actually, on second thought, we doubt you'll be able to do much of anything while wearing these. [GEARFUSE]

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