Dad Nails Xbox to Tree, Cleverly Gets on Master Chief's Bad Side

I think that, in any tough situation, there's a kind of normal way a person can react and a completely angry, psycho, absurd way a person can react. The normal way is the best way about 99.99% of the time. Example: A waiter brings you the wrong drink, so you politely ask for another. Result: You get the drink you wanted without traces of type 1 herpes. See? Everybody wins.

Anyway, that's the rational way to responding to a bad situation. Here's an example of the irrational:

My husband had repeatedly warned our 3 boys about their behaviour while playing the XBOX. Tuesday, after I arrived home from work, our oldest son told me to look in the backyard at "Dad's artwork". Well, I wasn't surprised to see the XBOX proudly displayed on the nearest tree... way to go Honey!!!!!

Maybe the boys were jackasses. Maybe they deserved it. Or maybe, just maybe, the father antagonised a bit too much and will come home from work one day to some "artwork" made just for him. [ireport thanks tipsters!]

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