Custom Mini ColecoVision Packs Lotsa Upgrades

While the original ColecoVision console would be a fine addition to any gaming enthusiast's home theatre setup, this custom Mini ColecoVision has eschewed nostalgia for modern technology, shrinking the console by 320 square cm in its new case all while making some really great hardware upgrades, too.

Aside from a completely refurbished chipset, this Mini ColecoVision features newly-added composite and S-Video out that promises that Donkey Kong will be more beautiful than ever. A dedicated analogue audio output should ensure clearer sound as well.

PLUS—oh, we aren't done yet—an "intro skip" BIOS chip has been added to allow users to skip past the ColecoVision's obnoxiously long title screen.

There's a bright-arse blue LED switch that's been added as well.

The Mini ColecoVision is currently bid to US$374.99 on eBay. The auction ends this evening. [eBay via technabob]

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