Crazy ZDNet Team Shows You How To Create BSOD Manually

What exactly constitutes madness? Craziness? Being a complete nutball? Is it a lack of control of mental function? Or the inability to interact with society at a level considered "normal" by society? Or is it just the term you would use to describe anyone who actively wants to create the dreaded BSOD on their Windows machine?

If you take the latter definition, then the guys at ZDnet AU are a textbook example of the crazy. Not only have they discovered a way of manually creating the BSOD, they're actually sharing instructions on how to do it on their site.

The hack involves a little bit of registry editing, but is fairly easy to follow should you be equally insane.

Of course, there is a method behind the madness at ZDNet - apparently they use it as a way of trialling remote recovery software. But I know better - these guys really just want to watch the world burn in an ocean of blue computer monitors...

[ZDNet AU]

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