Cowon's S9 Curve PMP Looks Exactly Like it Sounds it Should

Cowon's stealing a march on the imminent IFA show by teasing with some info on its new S9 PMP ahead of time: and you know, it's an attractive beastie. The S9 Curve looks to take its name quite literally, having sleek metallic-looking curved edges, and possibly even a curved rear-end if that photo's anything to go by. Inside the case we know there's a 3.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen, capable of 16 million colours, a powerful-seeming 500 MHz CPU, T-DMB, Bluetooth connectivity, media player functions and an electronic dictionary app. It'll also run for 40 hours from just one charge, and has an accelerometer. But there's no info on price or release dates or its storage capacity, as yet. It just looks fab. [PMPToday]

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