Could You Handle The 2nd Best Job In Australia?

Could You Handle The 2nd Best Job In Australia?

Kotaku.pngIf I wasn’t writing and editing the Australian version of Giz (the best job in the world), I reckon I’d be finding out who I’d need to kill to get the 2nd best gig in the country – editing Kotaku AU.

You see, gaming powerhouse and current editor Logan has been given an opportunity to stop writing about games and start designing the games themselves at Tantalus. Which means that there’s currently an Editor’s position going over at the country’s biggest and best gaming blog.

If you think you have the cajones to pick up where Logan leaves off (he’s still got a few more weeks before he goes for good), then you’ll want to be sending an email to [email protected] with your CV, a sample post or two and some reasons why you reckon you’ve got the skills to take the role.

In the meantime, congrats go out to Logan on the new gig – considering the crazy bastard actually designed a game a week for about a month, I’m sure we can expect some pretty awesome things to come out of Tantalus in the near future.

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