Caption Contest: Australian Streetview Edition

Caption Contest: Australian Streetview Edition
streetview parked.png

And this is why I love you guys. Within hours of Google’s Streetview going live in Australia, I’m already receiving images of funny quirks within the system. Like this one from reader Douglas.

Obviously, as the Streetview driver was making their way down Denigan street in the ACT, they felt an undying need to pull the Holden Astra in and go to the toilet grab a bite to eat to the Erindale shopping centre. The fun thing is that the camera decided to count that as part of the road, including the drivers door open and trees all around. For the full effect, drive back on Denigan street a bit and then go forward – you’ll cop a face full of tree for your trouble.

Even better though is the fact that they pulled in again a bit further down the road. I wonder what they forgot?

So, give us your best caption for this Streetview anomaly, and keep sending in those entertaining Streetview blunders pics.

[Google StreetviewThanks Douglas!]