Buy An iPhone On Virgin Mobile Now!

Buy An iPhone On Virgin Mobile Now!
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We confirmed that it was happening the other day, but you can now officially purchase an iPhone on Virgin, with a data plan worthy of the device.

To refresh your memory, Virgin are offering the phone in two flavours, both on 24 month contracts. The first costs $70 per month, includes 1GB of data, $520 worth of calls (with free calls to Virgin mobiles), free Voicemail, free text to virgin mobiles and call rates of 40c per 30 seconds (plus 40c flagfall) and 25c text messaging. And tha includes an 8GB iPhone.

The $100 per month plan gives you 5GB of data (which is probably more than you’ll ever need), plus all the same call rates, and a 16GB iPhone thrown in for good measure. If you want a 16GB on the $70 plan, it’s an extra $4 per month.

Considering that Virgin runs on the Optus network and runs rings around their data pricing, this could be the best option for all those data-hungry users out there. And Telstra’s tweaked their pricing now as well, although it still doesn’t come close to this.

But, as with all the networks, stocks are limited, so first in best dressed!

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