Build Your Own Waterproof iPod Video Boombox

Popular Mechanics has a great DIY feature, showing you how to build a waterproof video boombox for your iPod. Making use of an iPod touch, some old speakers, an 8" personal video player screen, video cables, gorilla tape and a hard camera case, Anthony Verducci has created a waterproof video case for the iPod that he believes is the first to float.

It seems the hardest part of the process was getting all the cables to interface with eachother. Working with Apple's composite cables, an old AV iPod dock, and the inputs for the video player, soldering was required to get them all on the same page. The rest was mostly handiwork and a bit of elbow grease. Sure, the final product isn't exactly practical, but it is fun and imaginative. Check out the full video here. [Popular Mechanics]

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