British Army Competition Yields Bomb-Dropping, Hi-Def Video Taking, Unfortunately Noisy Flying Robot

One of the front runners of an ongoing British Army-sponsored competition for new military technology is this miniature spaceship-looking thing, which is designed to inconspicuously drop bombs and listening devices behind enemy lines. The external blade-less shape allows the machine to enter buildings through windows or doors, and an HD camera feed lets it double as a surveillance bot.

The Fenstar was built by Team MIRA, which includes students from England-based Warwick University and the Royal Grammar School Guildford. The British Ministry of Defence has already praised the innovation, pointing out that an aircraft that can "Look over walls or into compounds in Afghanistan will prove a real asset to the troops. The only problem so far is figuring out a way to minimise noise. Because, really, what good is a spy when everyone can hear it coming? That's some Get Smart tomfoolery. [Telegraph UK via Geekologie]

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