Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

breakfast-fryup.jpgHuge iPhone Security Flaw Puts All Private Information at Risk
Well that doesn’t sound the least bit melodramatic, does it?

Guy Builds Full Lego Boba Fett Costume, Somehow Manages to Keep Marriage Intact
Is it awe or exasperation that I’m feeling?

Rumour: New Dual-Touchscreen Nintendo DS in Early ’09
Yeah, I’ve heard this before. A few times, in fact. Wait for a flat-out denial from Nintendo any moment now…

Palm Treo Pro Review
Short version: Good if you can handle Windows Mobile.

OLPC Origins: US and Taiwan’s Hardware Lovechild
Part two of Wilson’s awesome in-depth feature into the birth of the OLPC and its competitors.