Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

breakfast-muffins.jpgKDDI's Concept Mobile Phone is Half Transformer, Half Musical Box At least it's not a Nokia - Nokia Transformers are Decepticons, remember?

Bloo Balls Custom PC Case Mod is a Whole New Kind of Punk I could actually consider moving back to Windows for one of these...

Kitchen Oil Fires Have Pretty, Weird Solution: Flower Fire Extinguishers What's the bet the inventors of this were smoking something when they came up with the idea?

Cut-the-Crap iPhone Headset Battlemodo Quite the handy guide here, if you're looking to replace the white buds...

Exporting Songs From Rock Band 1 to Rock Band 2 Will Require Code, Five Bucks, HDD Space F%*k! This game keeps getting better, yet we still can't buy it legitimately!

iTunes Blocked in China Over Free Tibet Album? Come on China... did you think we wouldn't notice?

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