Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

breakfast-porridge.jpgPSP 3000 Photos Emerge: New Bright Screen is New, Bright
Mmm… Strawberries.

A Comprehensive List of Ultraportables, Netbooks, Mini-Notebooks, Or Whatever You Call Them
That’s a lot of ultraportables… and at about $500 a pop, you could almost own one of each for the price of a fully-specced Mac Pro.

Sexual Gadgets Can Now Be Seized at US Borders Too
is it just me, or do the lawmakers in the US seem dumber than usual at the moment?

Apple To Crank Out 45 Million iPhone 3Gs Over the Next 12 Months
No word on how many of them will work properly, though.

Mexico’s Rich Embedding GPS-Assisted RFID Tags Under Their Skin In Case of Kidnapping
Ahh – to be rich, stupid and living in Mexico…

Pioneer Sneaks Out US$2200 Elite BDP-09FD; First Blu-ray Player That Crushes the PS3
A 20kg Blu-ray player? Most expensive paperweight ever!

Ohio Voting Machines Lose Votes, Cannot Be Fixed Before Election Day
Oh. My. God. How can they knowingly hold an election when they know the voting hardware malfunctions?

MIT Developing a Battery Half the Size of a Human Cell
Isn’t this how the Apocalypse begins? Who cares, so long as it gives my iPhone better battery life, I guess.